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I’m a college student–er uh, graduate– with multiple food allergies. My doctors thought for the last few years that I don’t really have any “real” food allergies because nothing has ever shown up on tests. Still I was given an EpiPen in the fall of 2010, and we learned the painful way that I do have a severe dairy allergy when I ended up experiencing anaphylaxis in the summer of 2011. I haven’t always had food allergies however. They started around 6-7 years ago, and only with dairy. The only thing which I finally tested positive for with foods was in summer of 2014: almonds. So we know for sure I am highly allergic to them, and so due to cross-reactivity, I avoid the whole tree nut family. I’ve had reactions to peanuts as well, though I don’t test positive to them.

Other foods cause GI issues, including bananas and eggs, and there’s a list of “I don’t know” foods that are currently on the “avoid” list just to be safe.

My freshman year in college came with more challenges than just homework. I seemed to react to nuts, then eggs, and then corn. Finally last summer, it dawned on me that gluten was the problem. Testing was a mess, as my doctors refused to test me at first, but the diagnosis seems to be celiac, though my doctors seem to hate to want to admit it.

Oddly, you may think, my worst symptoms from when I get glutened, are not GI symptoms like people with celaic “typically” get. I do get an upset stomach, and itching, and sometimes dizzy… but it sends me into a not very pleasant asthma attack. Gluten tanks my lungs for a good 36-48 hours, and then takes about a week to get over fully and back to baseline. During those first 24-48 hours though, it’s tough on my lungs, more than once, I should have been in the hospital, but instead rode it out at home. This is why I hate gluten so much, and I hate cross contamination. I literally can’t think straight, and am exhausted and can’t breathe anywhere near normal when I ingest gluten.

Wheat is evil: wheavil. (thanks go to Kristi for introducing me to this word 🙂 )

I love being in the kitchen baking, especially either inventing new recipes or tweaking old ones or converting things from either the internet or the Joy of Cooking to being gluten, dairy, nut, egg, pineapple, strawberry and banana free! Feel free to come back later on and check on new posts and recipes I might have to share! Happy baking, and stay safe!

Updated 12-10-14

Update spring 2013: I’m now a college graduate (and graduated with honors!!).



  1. Reading your testing part – my kids don’t test right. We get lots of false positives and false negatives. Gage is severly allergic to peas but the test is always negative. If you touch a tiny bit to his lip he breaks out in hives. I hate testing them. They’re still little and it hurts. Knowing we’re not getting the correct results makes it worse. I wish there were better ways to figure it out!

    • The last allergist I saw (2 days ago) is pretty sure I’ll never test positive to anything, despite having reactions. So, he thinks it’s not a “true” allergy, but that still since I react to it, I should stay away from it. For some reason though, I’ve never broken out in hives. I do wish testing was more accurate… but it is what it is. Medical science is not 100% accurate, and may never be.

      I need to update this page sometime soon. I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, not wheat intolerance, and soy isn’t a problem now.

  2. Ok….that’s two… My Jackson gets terrible asthma after eating wheat. Wheaviiiiiiiil is the best word got it:) Hope all is well!

  3. Celiac and Allergy Adventures says:

    That must be frustrating to have doctors not think you have food allergies when you’re clearly reacting to the food. i’m glad they at least gave you an Epi-pen!

  4. I can relate so very much with your about page! Thank you again for commenting on my post. I’m looking forward to hopefully getting to know you a little bit better. Nice to find someone else who can relate!

    On a random note, I have celiac disease, I’m allergic to dairy (not nearly as badly as you are though), and strawberries. So I can relate to at least a couple of your allergies. 🙂


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  6. Julie Moore says:

    Found you through Grateful Foodie. Congrats on your graduation! You are an inspiration – triumphing when others would have given up. Thank you for refusing to let your severe food allergies keep you from your goals! Best of luck to you!

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