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Lessons from living with food allergies and chronic illness

It’s no secret that I have food allergies and asthma. I’ve also mentioned in my last post that I have adrenal insufficiency (I was diagnosed about 3 months ago). It messes with my energy and GI tract. I’ve been intubated because of a nasty reaction back in May. I broke both elbows 6 months ago. I have plates and screws in both elbows. And I have an extra bone that grew in the left arm in the middle of muscle which keeps me from being able to rotate my hand to put the palm up.

Daily life is not what the “average” 24-year-old would consider “normal”. I face roadblocks All. The. Time. It’s exhausting. But, it does make me think even more. I encounter roadblocks. Setbacks. Boulders. Walls. Detours. Rivers without bridges.

You have to think of ways around them. Ways to climb walls that seem impossible. Ways to detour. And you learn to think differently. You come up with new ways to solve problems. And honestly, while I was already creative before, having to think and work around problems all the time, I’m always in problem-solving mode.

But that problem-solving mode comes out in more than just handling the health challenges: it comes out in my sewing. I don’t just sew to sew. I like to sew things that solve problems. I’ve done this for several years. I like to take a problem, and come up with a fabric solution. I do it with things for my sister’s dog. I do it with the problem of cold toes in a cast. I do it with cold legs in winter, and asthma flare-ups due to cold air in winter. And I like to make things look fun and cheerful and encouraging. Oh, and I love frogs. 😉


So, I’ve started taking the things I make and design, and I’m now selling them! My favorite part is that I make things custom to the client. In the sewing industry, there is a lack of custom things. So, I take my love of math, and critical thinking and figure out how to take measurements from people and tweak the designs I’ve made (especially with dogs) so they fit properly.

I honestly love sewing. Love, love, love. It’s part of what keeps me sane. That and Amelia (my bike). Being able to unleash my creativity and create things that leave even doctors and complete strangers excited and wanting to buy a pair of fleece leg-warmers, gives me something I can do that’s positive and encourages and makes people smile.

So, you should come check my site out… and I would love to get feedback and ideas on what you would love to have made.



  1. Caroline says:

    I’ve missed your posts! I hope you’ll be posting again! I hope you are doing so well and are having a great time.

    • Chef Froggie says:

      I’ve not been up to blogging lately, been more on IG as I just don’t always know how to write a post up lately. Sometimes things are just too overwhelming. Also forgot my password for awhile!

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