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College life with food allergies

I’m a college junior. Yes. Scary thought! As I get ready to start the spring semester, or try to avoid the thought of school starting again on Monday, I’m trying to get a bunch of stuff done in a very short amount of time. I’ve done quite a bit, and enjoyed my break, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready for another 4 months of classes quite yet!

But one thing I have to be thankful for is that I’m still an online student. I’ve dealt with college cafeterias… I’ve seen the good the bad and the ugly. I’ve seen what works and doesn’t, I’ve come up with ideas on how to make future experiences with cafeterias better, and I’ve also learned from the mistakes that have been made. Because I’ve got experience in dealing with cafeterias on college campuses and there’s a huge generation of food allergic kids coming behind, a friend started a site called College Allergy, and I’ve joined him in creating a site that’s geared toward college-age and soon-to-be-college-age to share tips and info and ways to stay safe as a college student.

So, please help us out by heading over to and giving us feedback on what you would like to see or what you like (or don’t like) about the site. It’s still in it’s beginning stages, but we’re finally starting to get more stuff about to be posted over the next week or so.


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