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“Can I eat that?” at a friend’s house…

A few weeks ago I had the weekend free of homework. Yes, I spent 3 1/2 days where I could totally be oblivious to any homework! So I spent the weekend at one of my best friend’s house.

I’ve been there several times before, and they all know about my food allergies. Over time, my friend has learned to let me take care of all my food, so she doesn’t ask me if I’m hungry or want something to eat. We both know that if I’m hungry, I’ll eat, and that I’m allowed to eat almost anything in their pantry if I deem it “safe” (most of it however is not “safe”). She even would warn me if she had handled something after eating/touching my allergens so that I wouldn’t accidentally get sick because I hadn’t been aware of the cross contamination. Seriously, I don’t know that many people around me who do that on a regular basis (besides my family and one or two other close friends). Most tend to forget I’m even allergic to their food.

However, I usually bring my own food, and I bring everything I’ll need for the whole time, including snacks. So this time, the only thing I actually ate from their pantry was some maple syrup that I put on the pancakes I had brought with me. Even then the container got a good washing and I made sure it hadn’t yet been opened before I used any of it.

I am very careful when it comes to cross-contamination as that’s what almost always gets me… like the water cooler incident last month, to name one. So, one night, while my little sister watched a movie with my friend’s younger sister, I started sketching a flowchart. I’ve put it below. Just about everything on it comes from personal experience. When you’re dealing with “EpiPen allergic”, you follow the motto, “when in doubt, leave it out.”



  1. rosereads says:

    I really love your flow-map and the attitude that you express in your writing. I think I should make a flow-map like that for my coworkers.

  2. Such a useful map! I love it! I just published something on the same topic that you might find useful too:

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