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Watermelon popsicles






When my dad brought home a watermelon yesterday Chef Flower and I got really excited. You see, in this house, we do something simple that makes the most wonderful (while still being healthy) snacks with watermelon: watermelon popsicles. You don’t need a blender, you don’t need a popsicle maker. You just need 4 things (other than the freezer).

Popsicle sticks (craft sticks)
Plastic wrap

That’s it. And they’re very good, especially on those really hot summer days. It all started by accident a few years ago, and now its become family tradition. However, we enjoy watermelon in other ways here too… sliced… jam (yes, I like making watermelon jam). Watermelon is one of my favorite fruits, asside from peaches, kiwi and pears, watermelon is a personal favorite. It was also the very first fruit I ever had when I was a baby. When I was younger I ate quite a bit of watermelon every summer.

One day we froze a few pieces (kind of like frozen grapes) and we all thought it was great, and someone suggested the idea of making watermelon popsicles, and so we did. And we’ve never stopped making them every summer since. When I was at camp the summer before my Senior year of HS, I brought some woth me to keep in the snack shop since there was hardly anything in the snack shop that I 1. Could have and 2. Liked. Every afternoon when I would go get one, everyone who saw me asked “how much does that cost?” I had to tell them all that they didn’t sell it in the snack shop, but that I had brought it from home. The same thing happened the following year. And now, Chef Flower wants me to tell the camp staff that they should make them and sell them in the snack shop.

So, you probably aren’t at that camp, but I’m still going to tell you how you can make them yourself. 🙂

Start by slicing the watermelon. how many slices you cut is up to you. I usually do 3 slices at a time so we have a few more popsicles. Don’t cut the slices too thin though. Somewhere around 1″ or 1 1/4″. I usually do somewhere around 2 fingers width.

Then, slice the slices. Somewhere between 6-8 wedges per slice, or you can make them thinner if you have really little kids.

Stick a popsicle/craft stick in each wedge, far enough in that it holds well, but far enough out that it leaves a handle.

Take a piece of plastic wrap for each wedge and wrap the wedge with it, leaving the stick uncovered.

When all of your popsicles are wrapped, you might want to put them in a bag before putting them in the freezer to keep the popsicles from getting lost.


When they’re frozen solid, you can take one or however many you need/want out and enjoy them. Lick, bite, suck, chew, however you like to eat them best. Enjoy. 🙂


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