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Yes, I <3 tofu


I grew up eating tofu and never understood why people seem to dislike it so much. My mom had a way of making it taste really good so I always looked forward to when we would eat tofu for dinner. Since my mom’s way of making it taste great used soy sauce I was rather disappointed to find out last summer when I went gluten free that soy sauce contains gluten.

Then, a few weeks ago a friend emailed me asking if I would like the package of tofu she had since she wouldn’t be able to use it before the sellby date. I was excited. A few days later she brought the tofu by and also gave me a bottle of San-J gluten free soy sauce. Boy was I excited!

So, the next day I took the tofu (and another package of tofu we happened to have in the fridge), and made dinner for my family (we also had red cabbage and something else which I really love too). My little sister had a friend over and when she tasted the tofu she was expecting to not enjoy it but the first words out of her mouth after tasting it were “wow! This tofu is really good!”

So, I’m going to share how I make tofu that tastes really good because tofu is not something you need to hate.

What you’ll need:
Gluten free soy sauce
Olive oil

To be honnest I forgot to cook the garlic before so I didn’t have garlic this time, but my mom usually always cooks the garlic in the olive oil first.

Then, taking a block (or 2 if you want more) of tofu, slice it into cubes, somewhere around 1cm to 1/2 inch depending on your preference.

Put the cubed tofu in the skillet on medium heat, and pour some soy sauce over the tofu. Somewhere around a few table spoons… I never measure, I just go by how much looks right.

Cook the tofu and stir it around. Cook it till the tofu is nice and hot and has absorbed most of the soy sauce.

Serve & enjoy. Yes, its that simple. And by cooking the tofu WITH the soy sauce instead of putting the soy sauce on after cooking it gives it a wonderful flavor.

I thought I had taken more pictures of the tofu than just one… so you get to see my whole dinner: tofu, red cabbage (cooked apples!) And a gluten free bisquick biscuit I had made the week before and frozen. Hopefully the formatting isn’t too weird, I’m still learning how to get the pictures where I want them with my phone.



  1. Gigi says:

    Hi!! You WON my GIVEAWAY for the Enjoy Life Foods cookies & mega chunks!!! Yay! 🙂

    Please email me [gigi AT glutenfreegigi DOT COM] with your shipping address so that I am able to get your product to you asap!!



  2. Hi Froggie!

    I am so happy to find someone that loves tofu too! So many people are afraid of it, or are unwilling to try it, they don’t know what they’re missing. 🙂

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