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Introducing Froggie’s Gluten Free Culinary School

I love baking. I love playing with flours and tweaking recipes and making new ones and merging others. I try to do some baking every Saturday as a break from school and other things that I have to do during the week. But that doesn’t always happen, often because of illness (which also makes me too exhausted to even think about baking anything) or homework gets in the way. I’m a full-time university student so I have homework, and sometimes I have to do it on the weekends too. Still I try to bake on Saturdays just to take a break.

Also, I have a younger sister. One who likes to make things for me (and others). However, since I’ve been gluten free, it’s been much more difficult for her to bake stuff for me that I can actually eat. I’ve been wanting to teach her how to make gluten free stuff, but it just hasn’t really happened. For my birthday last week, she made me a cake. It was from a mix (Cherrybrook Farms Gluten Free Dreams is really great!), but still, it was safe and it was something she had the pleasure of making for me. And honestly, that cake was realllllly good.

Also, my sister and I were (she still is) homeschooled. This provides extra time for creativity and different things we do/did for school. I remember when I was in 7th or 8th grade, my mom had me do cooking/baking with my dad once a week for awhile. I loved those times. Now, I’m going to do that with my sister. But with a twist.

We were talking at lunch today how she likes to make her own homework up sometimes on weekends (who didn’t like to play pretend school when they were younger?), and I told her that for math she should bake! She laughed, and then it sparked an idea in my mind. The wheels started turning and the more we talked about it the more excited the 2 of us became. We brought it up with a fellow gluten free friend and she loved the idea too. It wasn’t long before we had a name: Froggie’s Gluten Free Culinary School.

So, yours truly, will from now on be going by the name Chef Froggie, and my sister will be Chef Flower. We’ll be posting our adventures and things we learn and I teach her (and I’ll be learning a lot with Chef Flower too) so you can learn right along with us! We should be posting weekly, as long as Froggie’s GF Culinary school is in session. If you have ideas on what we should bake or suggestions for things to post about, please let us know by leaving a comment or email! We’re excited to get started tomorrow!

While I’m at it, I want to give a shout out to Kitchen Generation! Go check out the blog, it’s really cool and inspiring! I can’t wait to see what they have in store.

To see the list (periodically updated) of topics we have covered and things we have baked, head on over to here.


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