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Gluten free bisquick mix



Note: I had intended to post this over a week ago but I’m still learning to publish things from my phone…. but I’m getting there 🙂 hopefully the pictures will post properly but I may have to play around with it so please bear with me. Thanks and enjoy!

The Bisquick GF mix has been out for awhile now, but it took me awhile to get any because none of the stores around here carry it. I wanted to try it because its one of 2 or 3 pancake/waffle mixes that doesn’t have corn in it. My dad managed to find some but it took me awhile to finally get around to trying it. I had the urge last night to attempt the biscuits… I’m soooo glad I did.

I used earth ballance buttery sticks in place of the butter, soy milk in place of the milk and for each egg, 1 TBS of ground flaxseed with 3 TBS of water. The rest I just followed the directions on the box (and laughed when I saw the warning on the box that I thought said “do not eat raw butter”… which actually said “do not eat raw batter”. Whoops! Lol).

I did bake them a bit longer though. But they turned out amazing! And beside the picture where I have some ‘butter’ on them and the picture before they went into the oven, sorry but my sister and I found them absolutely delish… and before I had the time to think about taking another picture, they were gone. Yeah. They were GOOD! I’m going to be making them for sure more now. Omnomnom!!! I just wish they came in larger quantaties….


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