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I have hope. Yes, and the reason is that Thursday/Friday I was diagnosed with celiac disease. So why would I have hope you wonder from being diagnosed with celiac and stuck the rest of my life living without gluten (which seems to be in 90% of foods if not more)? Well, it has to do with corn, eggs, nuts and maybe even milk.

If it’s a leaky gut from celiac that caused the food ‘allergies’ to pop up in the first place, then when my intestines have healed, then maybe (hopefully) I’ll be able to eat them again. Even if I can never eat dairy again, still, to be able to have corn and eggs would open up a huge world for me.

That’s why I have hope amidst the life altering diagnosis.



  1. You’re not the only person to be happy to have corn and eggs back in their diet even without other huge ones! It’s those little foods that can make a huge difference. My son still has 12 foods he can’t eat. He recently added corn and wheat back into his diet. This has made such a difference that I don’t even care about the others at this point!

    • Corn and eggs are still for now out. But, I still have hope that I’ll be able to eat them again soon. I was glad when we realized soy didn’t make a difference. Each little thing that I can have again opens up worlds of possibility that makes me feel like there’s so much I can eat, despite friends wondering how I manage to still eat without wheat, dairy, eggs, corn or chocolate.

  2. Teresa says:

    Sorry to hear this for you. Just wanted to write and say cheers. I have a similar diagnosis as of January. Keep on a’cooking! 🙂

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