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FA and Celiac blogging

Hey, sorry for my lack of posting… 5 weeks into the fall semester of college (aka uni) and I’m struggling to keep up with homework because I was sick with bronchitis for a week. Throw in getting glutened a few days ago, and my stomach decided to act up, and especially my lungs. My GI tract is mostly over it (I think), but my lungs are having a harder time getting back to baseline again.

As for the FA front, we’re highly suspecting I have celiac, in which case, I might be able to better tollerate eggs and corn (and maybe dairy) better in the future.

Yet as much as I’m looking forward to a diagnosis and getting better, also comes the fear of the unknown… the “why???” questions…. so, a friend of mine with CD are working on a joint project. We’ve started a blog to discuss this and share what we’ve learned and how we cope and some of the things we deal with on the food stuff side. We also have a page on facebook. Come on over and check out our blog, and feel free (aka please) let us know what you think and give us questions, ideas, comments, suggestions, etc.

Hopefully I’ll get some more stuff posted soon, but homework has priority.


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