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Update and links

I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve been working on a recipe for bread, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. However, something that should be noted, is that I’m not back on soy without problem, so most of the recipes that I come up with now are most likely going to contain soy. Wheat was attempted again and I was supposed to be on it for 3-4 weeks before being tested for celiac again as the blood tests came back negative last time. However, that lasted only 1 day, and I was quite not myself and misserable, so the GI doc had me resume a wheat free diet for the time being while I’m being gene tested. But for now, I’ll share a few things I’ve discovered lately, which have been amazingly tasty.

First is sunbutter. This stuff is really great. I love the natural crunch version. It makes for a wonderful substitue for peanut butter. I’m wondering how using it to replace peanut butter in peanut butter cookies would work…. hmmm….. 🙂

Second: Silk Live! soy yogurt. This stuff is dairy, gluten, egg and corn free, and in my opinion it tastes really good. I really don’t like Silk soy milk, more like I loathe that stuff. I don’t understand how people can like it, but if you do, then that’s great! I just don’t like it. The only Silk soy milk I actually like is their very vanilla 8 oz boxes for kids. They really ought to sell that stuff in bigger containers. Trader Joe’s 1/2 gallon (not quart) vanilla soy milk is THE best soy milk I’ve ever found. Nothing beats it.

Bob’s Red Mill GF pizza crust. I made this for lunch and used Dayia ‘cheese’. Absolutely delecious. I haven’t had real pizza in about 6 years, and it was amazing. The pizza crust recipe can be made with our without eggs (they have a substitute way of making it without eggs). I made it without eggs and it worked fine.

That’s all I have to say for now. I’m craving lasagna and have been thinking on how I can make some “MC safe” lasagna in a few days. When success happens and I have time, I’ll post my recipe.


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