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Introducing Food Allergy Froggie

I decided to start this blog to document and share recipies that I invent, and share other food allergy related things, as with the current restrictions on foods with known allergies and uncertain allergies, I haven’t yet found a blog that has recipes that I can use without having to change them.

Currently, I eat dairy, nut, egg, corn, wheat (gluten too), and soy free. However, I do enjoy cooking and creating new foods, and how the different ingredients work together (thanks in part to a nutrition class and food science and technology class I took in high school, and research I’ve done online, and just playing around with different ingredients). As things change, the ingredients I use may change, but I’ll keep it simple as to which common allergens each food is free of.

Yes, believe it or not, food without all the above ingredients actually can be quite tasty, as proved by my latest creation: muffin pie. I’ll post the recipe for that later though.

The other thing I’ll cover in addition to what I’ve already mentioned is what it’s like to live with food allergies, of varying severity.



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